Hyperlocal News

Many types of news are out there today like soft, hard, and tabloids but I never knew about hyperlocal news. However that’s because it’s main focus is free local newspapers with paid subscription for their online news. Some characteristics are it’s not like the traditional style writing and stories should be short unless its important. Anyone would argue how that could be more profitable than selling at the state and national level. Not to mention how everyone would know of events and local crime. For an example if an earthquake were to happen somewhere they have hyperlocal news that website will attract more visitors that day. Most who work for these companies don’t get paid a lot due to the lack of interest in the papers.On the other hand the company itself generates revenue by Ads on their websites. Although some websites don’t make much due to the lack of small businesses advertising on their sites. Hyperlocal news will continue to develop and can be effective in big areas.


Photo Journalism

When I first heard the term photo journalism I assumed that meant some type of writing involved with pictures. Luckily I was right and from seeing examples of pictures that all carried meaning some even without captions. As a result I concluded I would most likely do something sports related. The purpose would be to show a winning team in photos that show defining moments. For an example I could show the Eagles beating the patriots in the super bowl. The viewers would be very interested in seeing a team looking excited after winning. Another choice I could use is Ray Allen tying game 6. Including a picture like that is powerful because what looked like the heat losing turned into another chance for them. Although I don’t have a clear choice for what my story will be on I know at the end what I include will keep the viewer entertained.


Service Journalism

Service Journalism is a topic new to me so I don’t have a clear idea as to what I want it to be about. Although something i’d be interested in would be a personality profile. Everyone loves seeing your favorite celebrity’s and being up to date on what they’re doing. It’s always been a dream of mine to do a story on someone like Lebron James. To show how great of a player he is I would include a top 10 list of his accomplishments. Throughout the story quotes will be used to tell the narrative of what kind of a person he is. Which will be displayed through only quotes that have meaning and could be used as tips in life. Also a background on James would inform those of who don’t know him Although I have no experience with this topic I know it might be a challenge at first but once I find out what to do it on i’ll be fine.

Story Focus Sheet

My story will be about an individual who has an interesting career
where no day is the same. Something like that detail goes along way because there is no way better for it to be relevant to students if they already know it’s not a sit down job. However it’s more to the bigger picture and that won’t be possible without getting information that will allow me to not only learn about the persons career but to also learn about them. Other helpful tips would be doing research on  roles similar at other companies. Wow you don’t get to see something like this every day as I walk into the massive building. Using this hook to start my interview will grab the viewers attention and have them wondering what could be that size. After concluding the interview to gain feedback a couple of questions I could ask my person would be How effective were the questions? and Did you enjoy the process?

Interview Preparation

The hardest part for an interview is always the preparation but for me it wasn’t anything new. From seeing how interviews with celebrities and on the news go I kept in mind to keep the viewer interested. For my interview I chose Dr. Ross the Dean of Student Services. This was an easy choice because no one can relate better to students than the Dean. My purpose was to learn about him and show that you don’t just go to there when you get in trouble. Some things I learned about him are that he wants to see every student succeed in anything they do. Also he actually doesn’t like to discipline students because he doesn’t want to be in the way of them getting their education. Although there were no big challenges I faced. Prior to the interview I went through different question options before I decided. Ultimately it all worked out for the best because the answers I received were very detailed. This was a great experience and I got good practice for any future interviews i’ll conduct.

Interview Questions

Wow you don’t get to see something like this everyday as I draw near this massive building. As I approach it I immediately notice the structure of how it was built which indicates that it’s been around for a long time. Knowing something like that already gives me the satisfaction of history I get to learn. Finally I have arrived poised and ready to gain valuable information about my persons career. To start things off i’ll begin with what does your day consist of throughout the day to get an insight on their career. The following questions include Describe the Work Culture, What do you like best about your job,  What are the biggest challenges you face in your position,  Has your role changed since you started, What gets you excited most about your company’s future,  Whats different about working here than any where else you’ve worked, Whats your mission statement, Whats something you can tell me about your job that isn’t widely known, How do you measure performance and success in this role.


Hi, My name is Isaiah Smith and i’m from Louisville Kentucky. I’m a mass communications major and someday i’d like to use that and become a sports commentator. My friends and family would say i’m funny and i’d agree. Also i’m very outgoing and a hard worker. This would be my first time actually blogging so I guess you could say i’m a beginner.  With that said I don’t know what to expect but with this being the first one I know i’ll progress with practice. When it comes to the question of what i’ll blog about in one thought I don’t know. However i’d probably have to say something sports related since it’s going to be in my career description. I’m ready to see what knowledge I can gain from this and hopefully it may even give me a unknown skill. One that was waiting to be discovered. Which would be a good outcome.